Puppy Albums

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Paris x Noah Puppies Born 5th June 2019


Paris x Louis Puppies Born 20th September 2017

Kandy x Viking Puppies Born 24th August 2017

Charity x Elliot puppies born 20th June 2017

Kandy x Reg puppies born 5th July 2016

Charity x Archie puppies born 3rd February 2016

Ella x Archie puppies born 15th April 2015

Florence x Doc Puppies born 16th August 2014

Charity x Shay Puppies born 30th November 2013

Ella x Thomas puppies born 11th July 2013

Florence x Oscar babies - Born 10th July 2012

Ella x George babies - Born 6th March 2012

Faith x Toby babies - Born 4th September 2011

The above album also Includes photos from.... 

Gracie x Kraka babies born 10th June 2010

Gracie x George babies born 28th February 2009

Faith x Rossi babies born 21st February 2009

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