Show Results 2021

~~~ Our Show Team for 2021~~~

The Boys

Peri -  Haydengold One More Knight JW (Owned by F. Clark)

Alfie -  Haydengold Time To Shine at Sunandair (Owned by P. Archer)


The Girls

Rumour - Haydengold Rumour Has it JW

Remy - Haydengold Time to Remember 




26th September 2021

Northern Golden Retriever Club

Championship Show

Judges: Dogs Mr David Howarth

Bitches Mrs Janis Ward (Laurenley)

Remy - 1st Novice Bitch Class

Alfie - Reserve Yearling Dog Class



23rd September 2021

Birmingham National

Championship Show

Judge Mr Harry Nelson

Remy - 2nd Yearling Bitch Class

Alfie -  3rd Yearling2nd Maiden 3rd Novice Dog Classes




18th September 2021

Darlington Championship 

Dog Show

Judge: Mr Roy Maynard (Chinnordale)

Remy - 1st Novice Bitch Class

Rumour - 3rd Limit Bitch Class




15 September 2021

Thame & Oxford County CS

Open Show

Judge: Mr Scott Williamson

Rumour - 1st Open Bitch 

** Best Bitch and BEST of BREED **

Remy - 2nd Yearling Bitch class

Alfie - 2nd Yearling Dog class




11th September 2021

Richmond Championship Dog Show

Judge : Mrs Pat Rowark

Remy - 1st Novice Bitch class

Rumour - Reserve Limit Bitch class


Southern Golden Retriever Society 

Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Lynn Strudwick

Remy - 1st Novice Bitch class

Rumour - 3rd Mid Limit Bitch




11th August 2021

The Golden Retriever Club

Championship Show

Judges: Dogs - Mrs Janet Barrow

Bitches - Mrs Glennis Hewitson

Rumour - 1st Mid Limit Bitch class

*** Reserve Bitch CC ***


Peri - 2nd Post Graduate dog class

Alfie - 3rd Junior, VHC Novice & Reserve Under Graduate Dog Classes 




11th July 2021

The Golden Retriever Club

Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Anne Falconer (Bitches)

Mrs Christine Ashton (Dogs)

Rumour - Reserve Graduate Bitch class

Alfie - VHC Junior & Reserve Under Grad Dog Classes




7th July 2021

East of England Agricultural Society 

Open Show

Judge Mrs Lorraine Tooth 

Alfie - 2nd Junior Dog Class




25th June 2021

Southern Counties

Championship Show

Judge: Mr A Allen

Alfie - 3rd Junior Dog Class



14th April 2021

United Retriever Club

Open Show

Judge: Mrs D Warrington

Remy - 2nd Puppy Bitch Class


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